MeeMix would be a Pandora competitor, if it didn’t look like a 11 year old girls bedroom

MeeMix is a Pandora like music service spotted by Mashable, that’s not georetarded, so it works outside of the United States (note, only tested in Australia so far).

These sorts of sites don’t need a lot of explanation, but for those who don’t remember Pandora since at has been georetarded for a couple of years, this is how it works. You enter the name of an artist you like, and it plays a song by that artist. Then based on other users and its own algorithm, it plays songs it thinks you might like, so you might type in Crowded House first then the second song might be Pete Murray. As you go along you rank the choices it delivers (if you want to). In the case of MeeMix, they have a hot or not bar. You can also block it, something called “Meep it up” and even favorite it.

It works, and the algorithm passed my default Dave Brubeck test with flying colors, not only hitting a great Brubeck track, the following songs were better than any other recent service I’ve used in the space. That’s the good side.

The bad side is that the site looks like an 11 year old girls bedroom. Bright, candy colors, awful buttons, and even moving clouds in the background in some features.

I’m really quite excited about there being a decent, non-georetarded Pandora competitor, but I just can’t bring myself to use MeeMix regularly because of the looks. Pandora was never beautiful either to look at, but it least it didn’t make me feel ill. If MeeMix think that their market is tween girls, then they’re going to go really, really well in that space. If they want real adults to use it, they need to change the looks of the site, and the logo, ASAP.

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