Dave Batista: WWE Return A Failure, May Leave Over Low Pay And Focus On ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

Dave Batista’s WWE return has largely been considered a failure, with the planned story line being usurped by Daniel Bryan and the yes movement. But could the Animal just opt out of his contract and pull a CM Punk only to focus on making movies like Guardians Of The Galaxy?

In a related report by The Inquisitr, insider sources claim that the WWE management lied to Dave Batista about the terms of the contract.

The original plan for Dave Batista when he returned in January was that he would win the WWE Heavyweight Championship belt as a hero at WrestleMania 30. The idea was that the promotions for Guardians Of the Galaxy would likewise promote a WWE star that just stepped back into the ring. Instead, immediately after challenging Randy Orton to the belt, Dave Batista was called out as a metrosexual fashionista whose WWE return was a mistake. The fans were not exactly happy either, with the amount of booing coming his way earning him the nickname “bootista.”

But the management stuck to their guns and allowed Dave to win Royal Rumble, which is rumored to be the spark that finally set CM Punk off. Even though Batista entered the ring near the end of the Rumble he was noticeably huffing and puffing. But then the losing streak started, with Batista tapping out to Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 30 and then taking the pin to Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules. Then the rumors indicated that Bryan would once again take out Batista at Payback, and Dave would not take it anymore, saying he did not want to look weak by continually losing to a physically smaller man. In any case, the rumors now say that Dave Batista got his way and the plans for Payback were reworked.

To add insult to injury there’s even the rumor that Dave isn’t being paid what he was promised when he first signed up for his WWE return. Some say this might have something to do with the lower than expected WWE Network signup rate, which caused the stock price to tank. Since his time at the WWE was supposed to end in June anyway it’s claimed he may just up and leave.

What happens with Dave Batista after Payback is unclear. We know he will leave to promote Guardians Of The Galaxy. But whether or not he’ll want to return to the ring after this failure is another matter entirely. It’s possible that his movie career may do well like Dwayne Johnson and he could find continuing roles in other action films. What do you think?

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