Justin Timberlake Gets Nod Of Approval To Wear Earrings Again

Justin Timberlake was known for wearing two diamond earrings as part of his usual wardrobe several years ago during his rise to fame with the boyband *NSYNC. However, although Timberlake still has a very fashionable sense of style, he hasn’t been seen with those accessories for many years. That’s left some music fans wondering if the Tennessee native has just expanded his fashion sense, or perhaps he’s being discouraged from wearing earrings by his wife, actress Jessica Biel.

While giving an interview to People during a Tiffany & Co. Blue Book party in New York, 32-year-old Biel made it clear she’s not against Justin wearing earrings again if he so chooses. The actress clarified she’s had her own ears pierced since the age of three, but said the decision was largely made by her mother during a move that was slightly uncharacteristic, but ultimately appreciated by Biel.

Turning back to the subject of how she feels about her husband Justin wearing earrings, Biel gushed about how the singer looks nice no matter how he’s dressed, and confirmed, “He can wear whatever he wants.” Biel did acknowledge Timberlake hasn’t worn that type of jewelry since he was a teenager, but didn’t give an opinion about why he chose to stop.

Even though fans now have confirmation Biel wasn’t responsible for Justin deciding to quit wearing earrings for the time being, that revelation likely did nothing to satisfy their natural curiosities. After all, Justin Timberlake is not only successful in the music world, but he’s also branched out to act in films such as In Time and The Social Network, and used his famous voice for animated works.

In many cases, when musicians try to move into acting, things don’t end successfully. However, Timberlake has proven to be a steady box office draw. Although it’s probably not smart for him to give up music altogether in favor of acting, Justin has proven he’s a multitalented person who’s capable of profiting from his talents in numerous ways.

Because Timberlake is successful in so many arenas, fans are perpetually eager to see what he’s wearing, down to the precise details, like earrings. Until someone decides to interview Justin Timberlake and specifically ask him why he no longer wears earrings, all members of the public can do is speculate about the possibilities. However, new tour dates for Justin Timberlake shows have recently been announced in areas including Europe, Asia and North America. If you’re getting ready to see Justin in person and are lucky enough to have a meet-and-greet pass, why not make a bold move and ask if he plans to begin wearing earrings again in the future?

photo credit: Joe Shlabotnik via photopin cc

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