Ryan Reynolds’ ‘The Voices’ Paving The Way For ‘Deadpool’ Movie?

Ryan Reynolds' 'The Voices' 'Deadpool' movie

Ryan Reynolds’ The Voices is set to be a horror comedy which explores a man’s mental illness in a way only Reynolds can do. It can’t be much worse than the phenomenal flop known as Green Lantern, but based on the awards already won from Sundance, it could be one of his best films yet.

Reynolds is well known for his big break in the gross-out comedy Van Wilder: Party Liaison, in which you’re better off not asking what’s in the pastries. This set him up for a career in comedy, such as the Sandra Bullock film The Proposal, but it hasn’t limited him. He also went on to star in the critically acclaimed Buried, and the low point in two super hero franchises, Blade: Trinity and X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, an X-Men spinoff about Deadpool has been in limbo for quite a while, but thanks to a change in Fox management, the likelihood has increased that we will finally see it. We might just see Deadpool come back in a film his fans won’t disavow all knowledge of.

Ryan Reynolds’ The Voices is about the lovable Jerry Hickfang, a factory worker with a crush on a woman in accounting, and a disturbing secret. He hears voices, and they come from places you don’t expect. He knows he’s mentally ill and has taken medication for it, but after going off of them for a while he ends up permanently sick.

This is where the movie starts taking its disturbingly comedic twist.

Jerry starts believing that his cat convinced him to become a serial killer, while his dog is trying to make him stop. As revealed in recently released images from The Voices, we see Ryan Reynolds poised over a woman’s body with a knife, and in the other he’s feeding something to her decapitated head. The woman is probably the one he has a crush on, played by Gemma Arterton.

Reynolds’ character in The Voices seems to be just a few impulse control issues away from his other character Wade Wilson. The “merc with a mouth” is openly insane, and takes it to violent levels, often breaking the fourth wall and talking to the audience. The Deadpool movie sounds like it’s only a couple of steps beyond the character Ryan Reynolds plays in The Voices. Though his acting in the X-Men film was still in the realm of sanity, the potential is there for him to become the character we have come to know in the comics.

Could Ryan Reynolds’ The Voices be preparing him for his role in the rumored Deadpool movie?