German Farmer Molests Chicken on Live TV: With Video

A bachelor farmer in a German reality series has sexually assaulted a chicken on live TV in order to impress a female contestant. The bachelor, a farmer called Hansi, lived up to his name by fiddling with a chicken. With his finger. >

Hansi who is also a nudist, is 71, which somehow makes this story even more revolting.

Footage of him shown using his finger to sexually stimulate his chickens was broadcast to 8.6 million viewers as part of the final episode.

He told his reality TV girlfriend: “I do what the cockerel would usually do, only with my finger. It is like an orgasm for the chicken.” The farmer added: “Hansi is always happy when the chickens are happy.”

Now PETA is upset. A PETA spokesperson said the behavior was unacceptable and lodged an official complaint.

The woman, Marianne 66, whom Hansi was trying to impress and hoping to marry told reporters, “You always hear jokes about what lonely farmers do to their animals. I am disgusted. This is not my world.”

Luckily Hansi doesn’t have any sheep. The guy is a dirty, mother plucker.