Reddit User Anndddyyyy Makes Good On Bitcoin Promise, Eats Hat [VIDEO]

It’s rare enough to see someone admit when they’re wrong on the Internet, especially if you get embroiled in anonymous banter on reddit. But sometimes, just sometimes, a guy will do so in extraordinary fashion.

Redditor Anndddyyyy ate his hat. This is his story.

Rewind three months ago. The place is reddit, specifically the subreddit /r/BitcoinMarkets (you either know the terminology or you don’t). Bitcoin was valued at over $1,000 US a piece and Anndddyyyy, in response to the idea that the cryptocurrency was in a bubble, said he would eat his own hat if it dipped and was less than $1,000 on January 1.

It dipped.

And apparently, in order to maintain his integrity to a bunch of strangers on the Internet, Anndddyyyy ate his own hat. The proof is in the video he uploaded to YouTube (and of course posted to reddit for the sweet, sweet link karma).

Fortunately for those not of the Bitcoin persuasion, there is /r/BestOf, where humble redditors can become Web famous for making good on some silly sentiment from months ago. Of course, hat-eating isn’t the only suspect consumption in the halls of /r/BestOf. Football fans are apparently willing to drink their own piss and share it on reddit.


Yeah, plural.

As in more than one.

MasBlanketo imbibed his own urine because he prayed to the football gods and promised to quaff said piss if the Houston Texans pulled off a win against the San Diego Chargers. He made good.

Atlanta Falcons fan MattDaMeatMissle said he’s do the same if the Falcons didn’t win both games against their division rivals, the New Orleans Saints. He too delivered (the vid has been removed from both YouTube and Metacafe).

But back to Anndddyyyy. He had to eat his hat in multiple stages to avoid, y’know, death.

“I had every intention of doing it all in one meal until a friend of mine who’s in nursing school expressed genuine concern because the digestive system doesn’t break down cotton,” Anndddyyyy said in the comments section.

Today I Learned.

At the end of the day, is it really worth it to literally eat one’s hat to save face? Let’s ask Anndddyyyy.

“I may be an idiot but I like to think I’m an idiot with integrity.”

Yes, Anndddyyyy, you’re an idiot. And we salute you.

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