Kylie Minogue Sexercise Video Launches Kiss Me Once In Paris Album

Kylie Minogue’s Sexercise video is definitely one way to get your blood pumping. She’s been promoting her album Kiss Me Once in Paris, and apparently wearing a sexy leotard and stiletto heels was the best advertisement should come up with.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Kylie Minogue has been suffering from breast cancer and she even recently had an operation:

“Going through cancer means there’s a lot of unknowns – whether you can or can’t have children. Cancer doesn’t happen and go away and you’re done with it. For a woman, everyone’s story is different. Here are a million different versions of a cancer story but, for me, that was something I had to being to accept back then, which is not what you want to expect.”

The 45-year-old star was also asked about facing the symptoms of age and how that may affect her work:

“I like what I do and I like to still be glamorous and wear crazy stage outfits and stuff. But I just hope when the time comes that it’s not appropriate, I’m pretty confident that I’ll feel it… I’m kind of just going with my instincts at the moment.”

Well, apparently Minogue thinks the best way to combat aging is sexercise. While the video is oozing sexiness Kylie says listeners of her new track can pretty much imagine their own version:

“If you’re old enough to be a VHS generation kid, you will probably manifest your own workout video in your head — Lycra is optional.”

Here’s a sample of the lyrics:

“Stretch it out baby; Yeah take your time now; I’m burning patiently; Let me see you sexercize. I’ll make you wait for more; Make you ache to the core; Tomorrow you’ll be sore; Let me see you sexercize; I wanna see you beat all your best times; And if you’re lucky imma teach a class that’ll turn you blind.”

What do you think about Kylie Minogue’s Sexercise video?

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