Iwata: Wii U "Not Going To Be Cheap"

Daniel McCall

Nintendo's big announcement of the Wii U at their press conference a few days ago didn't exactly go as planned. The announcement was met with confusion from press in attendance and consumers alike, and the company's stock took a pretty significant plunge in the Tokyo Stock Exchange following the announcement.

To make matters potentially worse, Nintendo global president Satoru Iwata stated in an interview with the London Evening Standard that the new console "is not going to be cheap."

As you may recall, the Wii U's predecessor launched at a reasonable $250. To Nintendo's credit, a higher than $250 price point for the Wii U is to be expected considering the tablet-like controller packaged with the console. Still, you have to wonder if Nintendo will be able to enjoy as much success with a more expensive console, especially considering consumers aren't clear on just how the console works to begin with.

Would you be willing to pay more than $250 for the Wii U?

Source: Evening Standard via CVG