Viral ‘Walking Dead’ Stunt Leads To NYC Investigation [VIDEO]

Law and order is alive and well in the post-zombie-apocalypse New York City, where a viral prank for on the city’s icy streets—heralding the return of “The Walking Dead”—may be brewing hot water for those involved.

The incident in question stems from a YouTube video published by “Walking Dead” network AMC on Wednesday, February 5, entitled “‘The Walking Dead’ Zombies Prank NYC,” in which several actors reach out of a sidewalk grate and terrify unsuspecting passersby in the Big Apple. While amusing and light-hearted in nature, not everyone is laughing.

TheWrap’s Tim Molloy penned an open letter to AMC after the “Walking Dead” stunt went viral and asked that they refrain from any more of such antics.

Dear AMC,

Just saw your clever and elaborate prank, where people dressed as “Walking Dead” zombies claw through a grate to scare unwitting Manhattanites.

Can you not do that anymore, please? I live in New York, and it’s super icy. What if we slip? I’m pretty clumsy to begin with, and especially susceptible to falls during the slippery season. Throw zombies into the wintry mix, and someone’s gonna get hurt out there. Why not wait until fall, when this would be just as scary but a little safer?

In addition to the obvious safety concerns involving the icy New York streets, it appears the production company for this Walking Dead stunt failed to procure the proper permits to put on the performance, according to New York’s WPIX.

“We are deeply troubled by this video,” a spokesperson for NYC’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority told the station. “We have forwarded it to the NYPD and are also conducting our own investigation.”

According to the New York Post, an NYPD source revealed the police have not yet received a formal complaint from the MTA as of Sunday. Accessing subway grates and filming on city property without permits could result in multiple charges, including trespassing, criminal mischief and disorderly conduct, the source said.

The “Walking Dead” viral campaign is just the latest to terrify the denizens of New York. The most recent campaign involved a devil baby roaming the streets in a stroller, popping up and shrieking at those unlucky enough to take a peak, all to build interest for the release of horror film Devil’s Due. Before that, the same production company, ThinkModo, terrified coffee shop patrons with some telekinesis to promote the release of the cinematic remake of Stephen King’s Carrie—no wonder the city never sleeps.

What do you think of the “Walking Dead” viral prank?

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