Katy Perry's Boyfriend John Mayer Finally Returns To Twitter

Katy Perry's boyfriend is officially back on Twitter.

John Mayer returned to the micro-blogging site around the same time his famous girlfriend crossed the 50 million mark. Since Perry's having so much success on Twitter, apparently Mayer is ready to take another stab at wooing the 140-character crowd.

To welcome Mayer back into the fold, Katy Perry shared the news of his epic return with his millions of followers. In her opinion, they should celebrate by overloading his Twitter account with adorable cat videos. After all, what other reasons are there to use social media?

Check out Perry's recent tweet below.

So what sort of things has Mayer used Twitter to discuss? Have a look at some of his recent posts below. Hint: The songwriter has a pretty dry sense of humor.

In addition to welcoming Mayer back to Twitter, the singer gave fans a glimpse into what she does in her spare time. Apparently she hangs around with small animals and watches documentaries. In this writer's opinion, that sounds like a fantastic way to kill time.

For those who are busy with Super Bowl XLVIII preparations, Katy Perry became the very first person in the history of Twitter to amass 50 million followers. Although Lady Gaga was first to hit the 10 million, 20 million, and 30 million milestones, troubled pop star Justin Bieber ultimately beat everyone to 40 million.

Although Perry holds the record, Bieber wasn't too far behind. When the "Roar" singer crossed that threshold, Justin was only around 800,000 away from the goal. Of course, some experts wonder just how many of Perry's admirers are actual human beings.

In a recent study put together by the folks over at Status People, approximately 42 percent of the singer's original 1.25 million followers weren't members of the human race. This suggests that a significant portion of Perry's followers are nothing more than dummy accounts.

Do you follow Katy Perry and John Mayer on Twitter?