Gambler Throws $30,000 Off Casino Balcony After Birthday Victory

A French gambler threw $30,000 off his hotel balcony and down to the people below after winning the huge sum of money at a Uruguayan casino.

The man, who was staying at the exclusive Punta del Este resort in the southeast of the country, was reportedly celebrating his birthday while on holiday in Uruguay when the incident took place.

After drinking profusely in the Moby Dick pub, he then headed to the resort's casino where he won the life changing amount of money, according to Spain's El Pais newspaper.

Then, at around 6:30 am, he headed to the roof of the same watering hole and began to throw $30,000 down to the crowd that had gathered. He continued to do so for around one full hour.

In the ensuing chaos, a dishwasher who works in the region is thought to have collected $3,000, and several other customers and employees also picked up between $100 and $500 each. The Frenchman's hubris saw him allegedly light a cigar using several hundred dollar notes too.

However, because of his generosity, the man soon realized that he didn't actually have any money left when he tried to get back to his hotel. This meant that he needed to ask to borrow some money for a taxi.

This tremendous act of generosity is enough to make even the most hardened cynic believe in humanity once again. The world is certainly a dark and twisted place but, if you search hard enough, there are still some examples of kind-hearted souls helping out those in need to be found.

In 2012, Doug Eaton decided to celebrate his 65th birthday by handing out $5 bills at an intersection in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Eaton simply waited until cars had come to a complete standstill, and held a sign that read, "I have a home... and a car... and a job. Do you need a few bucks for some coffee?"

Of course, people were shocked by his gesture. One recipient told Oklahoma City's KFOR, "I think this is the craziest guy I've ever seen in my life. It's fantastic. I'm enjoying the moment out there."

Eaton said that he felt fantastic because of the experience, admitting, "Some people who don't take the money just say, 'Man, I love what you're doing. I won't take it, but would you give it to somebody who needs it?'"

Have you ever decided to generously help out a stranger by giving them money or assistance?

[Image via XiXinXing/Shutterstock]