Ryan Reynolds: Blake Lively Christmas Gift Hopefully Won’t Bankrupt Them

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have been spending Christmas in Aspen, Colorado. But that’s not the expensive part according to the couple.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, rumors claimed we might see Blake Lively pregnant soon since she and Reynolds want babies.

The paparazzi spotted the married couple strolling around in winter gear on their way to a local comedy club, with Lively sporting a Canadian beanie (Reynolds was born in Canada). Apparently at one point they discussed their Christmas gifts and how expensive they were:

“Ugh! There are these estate earrings! They’re this beautiful circle! Their estate pieces are incredible too because [they] show how timeless Van Cleef is. There will also be bankruptcy commercials for us [if we got them]!”

We’re assuming they’re joking since Ryan Reynolds’ net worth alone is estimated to be over $45 million.

2014 should be a busy year for the couple. Blake Lively is planning on launching her own new website this year although she doesn’t seem to know what it’s about exactly:

“I don’t know if it’s a lifestyle site. I was very vague about it, and because of that, everyone was filling in the blanks about what other sites it could be like. It’s not accurate. By the time it launches, it will have been around for two years. So it’s a lot of time, energy, efforts, resources, working with amazing people.”

Unfortunately, Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern role for Batman vs Superman is up in the air and a direct sequel is unlikely. Plus the latest rumors claim Denzel Washington might be the new Green Lantern. What movie would you like to see him in next?