Where Is ‘The Walking Dead: Season 2’ On Xbox 360 In Ireland And New Zealand?

The Walking Dead: Season 2 is currently available to Xbox 360 users in a number of different markets. However, folks residing in Ireland and New Zealand are presently forced to wait a little while longer for its arrival.

Despite successfully launching for the PC and Microsoft’s last-generation machine, not everyone is currently enjoying the adventures of a little girl named Clementine. According to VG24/7, The Walking Dead: Season 2 probably won’t hit Xbox 360 in Ireland and New Zealand until sometime next year.

When the folks over at Gimme Digital reached out to Microsoft on Twitter, they confirmed that gamers in these territories currently don’t have access to the first episode “All That Remains.”

“We do not have any info on that, but be sure to check with the game’s publisher for more info there,” the company said in response to the inquiry.

Although Telltale Games initially released a very brief response to the availability of The Walking Dead: Season 2 in Ireland and New Zealand, the company eventually dropped an official statement on the matter. Unfortunately, fans of the game will have to wait a few weeks longer for the first installment to arrive.

Telltale Games explained in a forum post:

“We can confirm that ‘The Walking Dead: Season Two’ will be coming to Russia and New Zealand on PlayStation 3 and to Ireland, Russia, and New Zealand on Xbox 360. A late-breaking issue with ratings submission in these countries meant the season premiere could not coincide with other regions, but rest assured they’ll have Season Two early in the new year. We appreciate the patience of those who’ve been waiting to play the season premiere on their preferred platform.”

Judging from the reviews posted over at Metacritic, the first episode of season two is definitely worth the wait. While some sites believe “All That Remains” didn’t properly lay the groundwork for the season, others seemed quite impressed with Telltale’s effort.

“The action sequences in the premiere episode are well-paced and fraught with tension. They’re streamlined from the first season’s experiments, offering a mix of timed clicks, button mashes and swipes, alongside a frantic search for the right weapon in the surrounding area,” Joystiq explained in its review of the first episode.

The folks at GameTrailers added, “Episode one not only reintroduces us to the world of The Walking Dead, it raises the stakes in such a way that Clementine’s situation is more perilous than ever. We weren’t convinced that season two could eclipse season one, but at least in a few ways, it already has.”

Unfortunately, The Walking Dead: Season 2 doesn’t have a release date for the Xbox 360 in Ireland or New Zealand as of this writing.

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