Porsha Stewart Deeply Confused About The Underground Railroad

Porsha Stewart received a long-overdue history lesson on a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Sunday evening’s episode of the reality television show found the women on a tour of the Freedom Trail. Their vacation included a trip to the First African Baptist Church in Savannah, Georgia. However, Stewart seemed a little perplexed about the specifics surrounding the Underground Railroad.

People reports that the tour guide eventually showed the TV stars a section of the church that contained holes in the floor. This was where slaves crawled towards freedom, a fact that Porsha Stewart seemed to have a hard time understanding.

The tour guide explained:

“Notice the items on the floor in the shape of a diamond. So the underground railroad was passing below us. So this is where they caught air as they were moving below us. There is four feet of height below in which ordinary was a crawl space. These were ventilation holes. To this date we do not know how they got from in and out of this church.”

Since she was apparently absent during this lesson in school, Stewart wanted to know how the train managed to make its way under the church without a proper exit.

“Well there got to be an opening at someplace for the railroad! Somebody is driving the train. It is not an electric one like the one we got now is it,” she said.

Porsha Stewart’s comment completely shocked her co-stars. While Nene Leakes referred to her as a “ding dong,” Kenya Moore remarked that it was “almost hurtful to watch her be so dumb.” Only Phaedra Parks helped Porscha understand the Underground Railroad.

“Girl where was you in history in school? It wasn’t a train. It was a euphemism, baby,” Parks explained to her clueless co-star

Bravo’s Porsha Stewart bio points out that she is the granddaughter of “Civil rights leader and philanthropist Reverend Hosea Williams.” Her family is no doubt hanging its collective head in shame right about now.

Check out some amusing Twitter reactions to her blunder below.

Were you shocked that Porsha Stewart thought the Underground Railroad was a real train?

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