Linus Klasen Scores Amazing Shootout Goal For Swedish Team

Linus Klasen may not be a household name like Patrick Kane or Sidney Crosby, but the Swedish hockey player turned in one of the most incredible goals in recent memory.

Klasen was up in a shootout against the Czech Republic in the Channel One Cup. As he made his way toward goaltender Alexander Salek, he spun left and midway through the spin poked the puck between his legs, sending it past Salek and into the net.

The play happened so fast that it was difficult to tell exactly what happened, and Salek said he was a little perplexed himself.

“I thought about a poke check. Then he sent it between his legs, I stood frozen and thought, ‘What’s this? I don’t like it,'” Salak said after the game, via iSport.

Salak isn’t exactly a nobody, either. He’s put in his time in the NHL, making spending time on Florida’s roster during the 2009-2010 season.

But it was the incredible move by Linus Klasen that has won over the internet. Video of the incredible shootout goal quickly made the rounds on Sunday, picked up by Yahoo! Sports blogs and the New England Sports Network.

This isn’t the first time Linus Klasen has made the highlight reels for an amazing shootout goal. In 2010 he had a penalty shot goal in a Swedish Elite League game against Frolunda in which he pulled the puck between his legs and quickly pulled it back for an easy goal.

Klasen had another incredible goal the following season when he made the AHL All Star Game in the skills competition. He pulled off a 360 move before slipping the goal in behind the goalie.

For all his shootout skills, Linus Klasen has had a difficult time making the transition to the NHL. He played only four games there in his career.

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