Soccer Stadium Collapse Injures 100 In India [Video]

The horrifying collapse of a portion of a soccer stadium in India reportedly injured about 100 spectators, six of which were in critical condition and rushed to local hospitals.

The scary collapse of the stands — which occurred during the pre-game activities at the venue — was caught on video (see embed above and below).

The incident occurred in Bekal, India prior to a tournament match between Saban Kottakkal and Mohammadans Mouval. A heavy rainstorm the day before in the area may have led to the collapse of the seating section, Yahoo News indicated: “The gallery was mad up of wooden planks and iron rods, which do not meet the safety requirements for sporting grounds. A crowd of around 1500 were present at the venue when the event occurred… The reason given for the incident is the heavy rain that hit the area on Saturday, which according to officials had made the wood moist.”

Police and firefighters responded immediately to the scene of the accident.

As a result of his terrifying, near-catastrophic incident, police reportedly have launched a criminal investigation of the Bekal Brothers Sports Club and, apparently, the construction contractor.

As observed of the stadium collapse that occurred last Sunday, “While there were no fatalities at Bekal, it serves as a reminder of the importance of safety regulations and common sense in large-scale public gatherings. If circumstances were different, the Bekal collapse could have been a much bigger tragedy.”

The soccer tournament was postponed indefinitely.

Separately, as The Inqusitr has previously reported, a Brazil stadium collapse killed three workers late last month when the venue being built to host the 2014 World Cup opener buckled and sent metal crashing into the stands. The Itaquerao Stadium collapse could also cause Brazil to miss the December deadline set by FIFA to have all 12 venues for the games ready.

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