Justin Timberlake And Jimmy Fallon Mix Nostalgia And New ‘SNL’ Sketches For Holiday Episode [Video]

When you have Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake together, their showmanship knows no bounds. The two friends really pushed their collaborations when they hosted a “Timberweek” earlier in the year on Fallon’s Late Night show, so when the two made their way back to the stage that ignited their partnership, there was bound to be some nostalgia and new magical moments born on Saturday Night Live.

Both SNL and Timberlake have gained more than a little something from their collaborative efforts. When Timberlake went solo SNL acted as a surprising coming out party. He wasn’t just the lead singer of a boyband trying to branch out. Once he took the stage, Timberlake proved that he was a true entertainer. While SNL helped him spread his wings, Timberlake also gained an SNL cult following of sorts, and producer Lorne Michaels has relied on him to get the show out of various ratings slumps. Now that he’s back in the groove with his music career, Timberlake acted as musical guest and shined the spotlight on his friend and host Jimmy Fallon.

As expected Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon just can’t help themselves when collaborating, and because of that their episode of SNL was the highlight of an already strong season. Those who were wondering if Timberlake would make it into a sketch didn’t have to wonder or wait for too long.

During the cold opening, instead of having the main players take the stage, the two started the show off right, with a dash of nostalgia, when they took the stage for “Wrappinville.” The sketch is a staple for Timberlake, as it’s a take off of his “Omeletteville” sketch, which was his first big sketch as a solo artist/SNL host.

What’s so special about Fallon and Timberlake’s collaborative relationship, is the fact that most of their sketches or Late Night appearances feel like two bros hanging out with each other. For Timberlake that meant joining Fallon for a “Celebrity Family Feud” sketch while impersonating Fallon to his face. While Timberlake’s Fallon was far from an ace impersonation, the highlight was seeing Fallon break out of his dead on Jim Parson’s impersonation. Slide in Keenan Thompson’s dead on impersonation of Family Feud host Steve Harvey, and we have a new sketch that may buy the two traction for years to come.

The most enjoyable aspect of Timberlake’s inclusion in Fallon’s hosting duties is that the performer didn’t take over the Late Night host’s episode. While the two indulged in new material and old staples, Timberlake respectfully played his role of musical guest. Still, its Jimmy Fallon’s collaboration with Timberlake that will be the most memorable out of this holiday episode. A shining moment is the two finding the real Barry Gibb for their regular “Barry Gibb Talk Show” sketch. The awkward appearance by Madonna was just as random, but nothing truly beats Timberlake, Fallon, and the sole remaining Gibb brother shaking it out.

As a musical guest Justin Timberlake owned the stage and soaked up his moment with an invigorating performance of “Only When I Walk Away” which included a laser light show that any 60s Grateful Dead Head would enjoy. His second performance was more modest and scaled down as Timberlake played the guitar to his closing track on The 20/20 Experience called “Pair of Wings.” For Timberlake, who exudes swagger, and gets the most out of flashy performances, this pick felt like a true vulnerable moment of a man willing to lay his artistry out for people to hear and see.

Equal parts nostalgic as it was comically inspiring Fallon and Timberlake got the job done, and proved that they’re still SNL’s best go-to act.

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