Kanye West Sings About Michael Jordan In Chicago [Video]

Kanye West took a moment during his concert in Chicago to sing about Michael Jordan.

Since the controversial rapper often uses his shows to express an opinion about one thing or another, West decided to focus his attention on the iconic basketball player and his infamous departure from the Bulls. Instead of simply ranting endlessly on the subject, the rapper put together a brand new song for those in attendance.

Dubbed “We Should Have Never, Ever Let Michael Jordan Play for the Wizards,” Kanye West discusses the basketball star’s problematic relationship with the Bulls and his eventual jump to the Washington Wizards. You can listen to the song below, though don’t be surprised if the song remains lodged in your brain for a large portion of the day.

“Six championships, the best years of our lives, claim NBA gold, every single night, I believed I could fly, and I wanted to be just like Mike, I believed I could fly and I wanted to be just like Mike,” West explains in the song.

The rapper points the finger of blame directly at the Bulls’ owners, who essentially let the guy slip through their fingers. West also asks at one point during the tune why the whole ordeal happened in the first place.

Kanye West sings:

“When a player wants to become an owner, when a player that’s done more for the league than the league could have done for him, when a player that made the NBA wants to become an owner of a team he brought so much glory to, a team that has his statue on the front of the… building, but do you know what the owners of that team told MJ. You’re just a player.”

Curious fans can check out amateur footage of Kanye West’s Michael Jordan song below. Keep in mind that the clip in question does contain some foul language, so please pay attention to the folks around while you listen to it.

The Yeezus Tour is currently scheduled to make a stop in Toronto, Canada ahead of the upcoming Christmas holiday. The rapper and Kendrick Lamar will play two shows at the Air Canada Centre on December 22 and December 23.

In other Kanye West-related news, the rapper and Kim Kardashian recently took in a screening of Anchorman 2 to check out his cameo. According to TMZ, Kim believes that West is easily the next Marlon Brando. Of course, Brando fans will probably beg to differ.

What do you think about Kanye West’s Michael Jordan song?

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