Lewd Photo Taken At Calvin Harris Concert Under Investigation

A lewd photo taken at a Calvin Harris concert is currently under investigation by Irish police.

An image of man kissing the chest of an unidentified half-naked woman started making the rounds shortly after the DJ’s concert on Thursday. Although police haven’t received a formal complaint about the pic just yet, the Irish Independent reports that “duty of care officers” are presently looking into the situation.

It’s believed that the image in question was allegedly taken during Tiesto’s set at the Calvin Harris show. It didn’t take long for the uploaded pic to make the rounds on Twitter, though the account that originally spread the image was recently suspended.

Folks are quite concerned that the woman, who is reportedly identifiable in the image, will eventually become targeted by unscrupulous individuals online. While the original image was later deleted, copies of the pic are still available on various websites.

The situation recalls the lewd photo from a recent Eminem concert that made the rounds on social media earlier this year. The image in question showed a teenage girl performing oral sex on another concertgoer. While the guy in the picture was strangely declared a hero, it didn’t take long before people starting making hateful comments about the girl online. The pic was a viral sensation on social media.

According to The Journal, 23 people were reportedly arrested at the Calvin Harris concert last week, eighteen of whom were allegedly picked up for public disorder offenses. A handful of other attendees were later taken into custody for drug-related offenses. Two concert employees were reportedly injured during the show as well.

“These would have been isolated incidents. There was no issue with fighting or any sort of brawl at the [Calvin Harris] performance,” a police spokesperson explained.

Those who decide to attend any of Calvin Harris’ concerts going forward shouldn’t bank on catching any of his earlier hits. The Inquisitr previously reported that the DJ isn’t overly proud of his earlier work and plans to eliminate these tunes from his set list.

“I don’t play them live. I don’t play anything I made back then. I feel like I’m a different thing now. Before then I came in, and I was singing with a band and I was making completely different music… I made this club track called ‘Awooga’. It was really obnoxious, and it was to get rid of people who liked my old music,” Harris recently explained to Triple J.

It’s currently unknown if police have made any progress into their investigation of the lewd photo taken at the recent Calvin Harris concert.

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]

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