[Video] ‘True Blood’ Season 4 teaser hits (with major Sookie/Eric UST!)

Unnnngh. Six more weeks, give or take, until season four of True Blood hits HBO.

Most fans of the books are super-excited for season four because it loosely follows fan-favorite book four, Dead To The World. I would never seek to spoil the absolute awesome that is the major plot point for this book, but pretty much everyone knows fans of Eric Northman will enjoy the hell out of this season if Alan Ball doesn’t go dicking around with the main themes of the original work. (“The main themes,” fangirls shout, “in the shower, TYVM.”)

Much of the teaser below seems to indicate the eps will diverge slightly from the book, but there are some indications that integral subplots will be largely intact. And it seems to my prejudiced eye that this Eric doesn’t look as addled as we know he’s supposed to be from the very start of book 4. (Seriously, if any of that plot is altered, not cool!)

Are you excited for the June premiere? What do you see in the teaser?

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