Jesse James: ‘I should have left (Sandra Bullock)’

Earlier this week, our own James Johnson mulled whether Jesse James could have possibly handled the Sandra Bullock situation in a douchier way.

James appeared on Howard Stern and, in a quite ungentlemanly fashion, opined that reality show star Kat Von D outstripped Bullock in the sack. Crass, you may say, of James to further embarrass his Oscar-winning ex. But James wasn’t done spilling, going on CNN’s show with Piers Morgan to attempt to redeem his character in a most irredeemable way.

James told Morgan he should have walked out on Bullock before tomcatting around, instead of letting her walk out on his sorry ass:

“I should have did the honorable thing,” Jesse James tells CNN’s Piers Morgan. “I should have left her, you know? If I wanted to screw around, I should have, you know, ended it…”

“I’m 100% to blame,” continues James. “I take full accountability for my actions, you know? No one was holding a gun to my head to do what I did.”

However, reading the piece on CNN, it doesn’t seem James genuinely thinks he did anything wrong or disrespectful, and he adds that he and Bullock were “never friends.” He admits the pair no longer speak, which seems entirely reasonable on Bullock’s part under the circumstances.

So Jesse James- big douchecanoe, or the biggest douchecanoe?

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