Is Selena Gomez Replacing Demi Lovato On ‘The X Factor’?

Is Selena Gomez really replacing Demi Lovato on The X Factor? According to Simon Cowell, fans of the singer probably shouldn’t get their hopes up.

Shortly after Lovato confirmed that she wouldn’t return for the next season of the popular singing competition, rumors started circulating about her replacement. Since Gomez recently canceled a string of shows in Asia and Australia, some fans believed that she could possibly take over as a mentor on the program.

Despite what you’ve heard, Hollywood Life reports that Selena Gomez isn’t in the running for the job at the moment. The recent internet rumor was reportedly shot down by Simon Cowell himself.

When the website asked the former American Idol judge if Gomez was all set to replace Lovato on The X Factor, he offered up the following response:

“No actually, No. You know what though, I find what’s really important for all these judges, to call them mentors, because they’ve got to do the job we are paying them to do which is to turn them into recording artists. Not just to say ‘You’re good and you’re bad’ — I think that role’s changed hugely. So the interview process will be very different going forward.”

The folks over at Life & Style reportedly received the very same answer from Cowel. So unless both sites are cooking up identical rumors, apparently Selena Gomez isn’t on the shortlist for The X Factor as of this writing. However, there’s always the possibility that this could change before the new season kicks off.

The Spring Breakers star made headlines yesterday when she abruptly canceled several tour dates throughout Asia and Australia. The reason: Selena Gomez needs a little time to herself in order to become a better person. While this is certainly admirable, many of her fans weren’t exactly thrilled with the news.

Check out the singer’s official statement:

“My fans are so important to me and I would never want to disappoint them,” comments Gomez in a statement issued by promoter Live Nation. “But it has become clear to me and those close to me that after many years of putting my work first, I need to spend some time on myself in order to be the best person I can be. To my fans, I sincerely apologize and I hope you guys know how much each and every one of you mean to me.”

Live Nation will issue refunds to anyone who purchased tickets to the shows. However, getting your money back in a timely fashion could prove problematic due to the holidays.

Are you disappointed that Selena Gomez isn’t replacing Demi Lovato on The X Factor?

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