Not Surprising at All: Amy Winehouse Collapses

Surely nobody’s surprised that Amy Winehouse collapsed and was taken off for examination, especially when you consider her recent shenanigans. Thanks to the ultra-dry version submitted by her rep and the fact that she collapsed in her own home, we don’t get any good “insider” tidbits this time:

Amy was at home this afternoon when she briefly fainted. Fortunately, her manager’s assistant was there to stop her falling. She quickly recovered and her father Mitch took her to hospital as a precaution. Doctors are unsure of the cause of the incident and Amy is currently undergoing tests.

I can imagine a few reasons why Amy collapsed!

So to sum up the drama of Amy’s life right now (which could stretch for many more posts if I could stomach it): showing up a mess in Moscow, fainting at home, firing her hairdresser, sporting new cuts and bruises, promising to renew wedding vows jailside, and supposedly trying her best to get back on the wagon.

I would love it if she tried a little harder, as good as the blogging fodder is right now.

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