Chuck Norris Outshines Jean-Claude Van Damme With Epic Christmas Splits

Chuck Norris can do action star Jean-Claude Van Damme one better.

A new parody video shows that 73-year-old action star mocking the split Jean-Claude unleashed in his viral Volvo commercial, only Chuck added a higher degree of difficulty. As the video pans back from a close-up of Chuck Norris, viewers see that he’s actually standing between two airplanes, with one foot precariously on each wing.

As the camera pans back even further, we see that Chuck Norris actually has 11 service members standing on his head, cheerleader-style, in the shape of a Christmas tree. The men light up, and the message “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” flashes above them.

OK, so the Chuck Norris video isn’t exactly real, but instead a CGI creation from Hungarian animation company Delov Digital. Titled “Greetings From Chuck (the epic Christmas split),” the video is already a huge hit on the internet and has passed 6 million views on YouTube.

It’s nothing new that a not-so-real Chuck Norris is popular on the internet. The Walker, Texas Ranger star has enjoyed a revival of sorts on the internet, though it’s not the actual Chuck Norris that’s gotten popular. Instead, fabrications of Norris have reverberated through things like “Chuck Norris Facts” and the SNL Digital Short “Young Chuck Norris.”

That’s not to say the real Chuck isn’t still around. He has appeared along with other aging action stars in The Expendables series and makes frequent trips to Fox News to act as a political pundit.

Earlier this year he even shared his thoughts on foreign policy, tackling the growing civil war in Syria:

“It might sound crazy to some that Assad would want the U.S. to bomb his own country, but, remember, he’s a dealer in lunacy and a high-risk roller autocrat. If Assad is willing to kill his own people, which clearly has been demonstrated for months and years, do we really think he cares if the U.S. joins his dirty work, especially when he can parade the innocent civilians murdered in U.S. bombing sprees?”

Chuck Norris isn’t the only action star to take on Jean-Claude Van Damme’s famous splits video. Last month Channing Tatum made his own video that showed him balancing between two food carts that were pushed by movie production assistants. The next shot showed Channing writhing in pain from the attempt.

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