Tyga, Justin Bieber Freeze Fame But Not Awe In ‘Wait For A Minute’ Music [Video]

Justin Bieber and Tyga bend time, beats, notes, and lyrics in the just dropped “Wait For A Minute” music video, which arrived online Thursday.

T-Raww and the Canadian icon, here in feature capacity only after the Maejor Ali-produced track passed from a Bieber lead to Tyga, finally gets a visual accompaniment after floating online since April.

Visually inspired by the Matrix movies in terms of special effects, the video’s theme was previously explained in Rolling Stone magazine by director Krista Liney.

“The prevailing theme of the song is fame, the overwhelming demand for Justin Bieber and Tyga’s time and attention,” said Liney.

She added, “This concept explores being famous through the eyes of these artists. Everyone is after them, everyone wants time with them, everyone wants to bask in their spotlight. Every moment of their lives is scheduled, including taking a moment to breathe. They are chased, they are exposed… can everyone just wait for a minute?”

A while ago, Tyga told MTV News, “We’re freezing time and switching different worlds trying to get away from certain things — the negative that comes with the lifestyle.”

This is certainly a concept pop prince Bieber will relate to, although Wait For A Minute’s lyrics set a seemingly more romantic context, but perhaps it’s all the same thing.

In the video, the Last Kings rapper and the 19-year-old duck and dodge a repetitively-used crowd meant to symbolize paparazzi and demanding fans who pursue the famous twosome through a gray, unimaginatively conceived, computer-generated landscape.

The “frozen moment” effects “to literally stop time” Liney talked up, and the video surround, which is supposed to represent “skewed reality and feeling trapped,” frankly doesn’t look like anything we haven’t seen before, mainly because we have seen it before.

Which is a shame, because aurally Wait For A Minute is a winner. Seductive, delicate vocalizing from the teen singer wraps around Tyga’s deadpan rap and minimalist, moody hip-hop/R&B. The video could, and should, have been so much more.

In other Bieber news, the moonlighting superstar joins rappers Sage the Gemini and IAmSu! on a remix of the almost platinum single Gas Pedal,” which we’ll confess we haven’t heard before.

Now that we have, we’re liking it. Heartbreak Gang leader and The Invasion producer IAmSu! and Sage add veteran verses and a rapped hook while Justin drops a verse and sung hook.

“Gas pedal, gas pedal/ Tryna keep up like Adderall/ I ain’t even stressin’, no at all/ So presidential, I’m federal,” Bieber raps at one point.

Check out the remix below.

“Tyga Ft. Justin Bieber ‘Wait For A Minute'” serves as lead single for the rapper’s Spring dropping The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty.

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