Why the Seattle Seahawks did not draft a QB

Let me start by saying I am not exactly a big Pete Carroll fan, however I think he is saying and apparently doing the right things. Everyone wants to know why the Seahawks did not draft a QB, even though most had it amongst their primary needs? The simple answer here is they could not afford to. Despite making it to the second round of the NFL playoffs this is a team with a lot of other needs, and the draft fell in a way where the Seahawks simply couldn’t justify taking a QB. To be very honest here I agree with them.

They had the 25th pick in the draft, and by that point three QB’s had already been taken. They could have reached for a guy, but he would have been overmatched and standing behind a shaky offensive line. Instead they took the virtually unknown (the NFL Media site did not even have a scouting report on him) James Carpenter. Then in the second round they selected OG John Moffitt. Those two players paired with 2010 draft pick Russell Okung gives them some solid building block on the O line that will make the next young Seattle QB that much better.

They are now in a position that will allow their O line to gel together and play with one another for a few years. In the short term they still need an answer at QB, but once they get into a position to draft or trade for a QB they will be that much better by going this way now. I am a big fan of building teams from the inside out, and regardless of what I think about Carpenter I think it was a solid move to finish rebuilding the O line before drafting the next franchise QB.

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