Tim Ferriss TV show on History Tonight

Tim Ferriss, best known as the author of the book The 4 hour work week has a television show, and the pilot of “Trial By Fire” is on the History Channel tonight (11pm).

According to Ferris

The concept is simple: I have one week to attempt to learn what is usually learned over 5-20 years. I either crash and burn — or survive by the skin of my teeth — in a final test (trial by fire) each time. If it’s made into a series, which depends entirely on viewership numbers on Thursday night, I’ll deconstruct a new complex skill each week. It will show you exactly how I approach learning, and no fake TV drama will be required to make the stakes real.

Video below. There are lots of Ferriss fans out there, and the clip looks appealing. Although given how long this will probably take (if ever) to get to TV here in Australia, I wonder how Ferriss would feel about people downloading it, after all, we need to consolidate the time we take to do things ?

(via: Lifehacker)

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