‘The Fox And The Hound’ Comes Alive With Real Life Best Friends

You don’t need a sappy love story like Enchanted to see Disney magic brought to life.

You just need Facebook. There you can follow the real life adorability of The Fox and the Hound by proxy with Norwegian photographer Torgeir Berge. He’s got plenty of amazing pics of his dog, Tinni, palling around with a local fox, whom he has dubbed Sniffer.

What’s that? You don’t speak Norwegian? Oh, well you can always see them all here.

And, OK, strictly speaking that breed of dog would not be considered a “hound.” A German Shepherd like Tinni (interestingly similar to Copper, though) is a herding breed. But “The Fox and the Dog” kind of sucks for a title, no? There’s no need to nitpick, negative Nellies.

Anyway, Tinni and Sniffer’s friendship is so adorable it will be chronicled in a book – but how did this magical match come to be? It happened when both were very young.

“[Tinni] was a puppy and probably his mother had died, so he sought help and company, and food,” Berit Helberg, co-author of the book, told TODAY via email.

“Next year, the story about Tinni and Sniffer will be released in a book with many short stories well suited for children,” she adds on her Web site.

The book will help spread the message opposing the fur industry, for Sniffer’s sake and that off all wild animals. Some of the proceeds from the book will be donated to further that cause.

What we want to know is, will they find a Vixey in time for the sequel?

In the meantime, enjoy some awesome photos of Todd Sniffer and Copper Tinni, with Torgeir Berge’s original captions translated as best as Google can manage when available.

Tinni Plays With The Fox, The Fox Is A Bit Younger Here

It has begun.

Take Me For A Ride

Stop being a ball hog.

Hello Tinni


Out And About

What’s over here?

Something Exciting Down There Or Something Dangerous?

Can’t it be both?

Get Off My Stump!

I was here first!

A Little Playing

Didn’t we already do this “ride” thing, Sniffer?

Taking A Breather

In addition to biting, the two share an affinity for laying down.

Best Friends

How solid is that ice? You go first…

Cuddle In The Heather

Let sleeping dogs lie? Nah.

You’re floating!

Dude, that’s my eye.

Ice Dance In The Twilight

I feel pretty, oh so pretty. I feel pretty and witty.

Smooth Ice

You’re sure it’s solid this time?

Tinni Is Expecting Puppies, An Exciting Combination. Accepting Orders From Serious Fox-dog Lovers

Yes, that’s really the original caption.

Tinni Thinks It Might Be A Bit Much Sometimes


The Evening Tour Is Done

Hey, you done with that stick?

Tinni Gives Sniffer A Kiss

You’ve got dog breath!

Sniffer Thinks Tinni Should Take A Trip To The Dentist

Like all friends, these two sometimes show each other their teeth…

But at the end of the day, they’re still by each other’s side.

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