Fail: Twitter now not going to support OpenMicroblogging

Just when we thought Twitter may have finally redeemed themselves, they change their mind.

We ran a story at the beginning of November reporting that Twitter was looking at adopting support for the OpenMicroblogging standard, a play that would open up Twitter to real competition and ultimately be a great do the right thing community play from a company that has a track record of ignoring its users.

Alas though, it isn’t to be. Jesse Stay writes on that Twitter has decided against playing nicely with it neighbors, saying that the standard isn’t right for Twitter and wouldn’t work for them. In return though it would appear that any move by Twitter was lip service, with notes that Twitter has not tried to communicate with the OpenMicroblogging community to address concerns. Evan Prodromou (, head of the OpenMicroblogging group today offered again to hear suggestions from Twitter that could be incorporated in the standard, but with no response.

Sad, but not entirely unexpected. I guess they’re too busy working on a “revenue stream” they’re now promising for next year.

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