Jackie Cooper Added “Poison Pill Clause” To His Will

Hollywood film legend Jackie Cooper didn’t want his last legacy to be of his children fighting over his estate so he added a clause that made sure that would never happen.

Cooper originally left everything to his wife, however since she died before him he instructed in his will that all of his children receive an equal share of his estate. To ensure that equal distribution happens anyone willing to take the estate to court for more than their equal share are told they will receive only $5.00 and not a penny more.

Coopers will, revealed after he passed away last week says in no uncertain terms:

“I give to such persons so contesting or objecting the sum of FIVE DOLLARS ($5.00) and no more.”

The clause is often referred to as the “poison pill clause” since there is no way to challenge the will successfully since doing so will basically kill your chances of receiving what you believe to be more than your fair share.

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