Woman Builds Tiny House That’s Small In Size But Big In Creativity – See It Happen!

Macy Miller was an architectural intern with a childhood dream of having her own self-contained home; her own little fort, if you will.

One night, in adulthood, she had a dream that dovetailed with her childhood fantasy: a practical living space with everything she needed and nothing she didn’t (smart cookie that she is, she sketched out notes based on her dream).

Out on her own and tired of paying someone else’s mortgage via rent/lease, Macy decided it was time to turn that dream into a plan of action. In December of 2011, she began to put that plan into action, creating what’s called a Tiny House (there is a full-on movement, apparently).

It is important to keep in mind that, while Macy has a background in architecture, she had no practical experience in construction prior to taking on this project. With that in mind, the transformation you’re about to see may be too awesome for some, reader discretion is advised.

Using her notes from the dream, Macy refined the design for this minimalist, 196 sq. foot abode. Then Miller began building on a 24? x 8? flatbed trailer, allowing her to skirt the requirements of permits and codes. Fortunately she comes from a family that has an abundance of tools.

Things start easily enough (in the most relative sense of the word) with the trailer.

It’s time to start putting down some flooring on that trailer (after removing the original wood, of course.

Next on the list? Everyone’s favorite: insulation!

Here’s the framing for her bed loft.

Slap some plywood down…

… And that’s that, base complete. Time for some framing.

BAM. Walls.

With some help from her awesome crew, that is.

With walls framed, it’s time for some sheathing.

Then some insulation.

And a very tight fit when moving it all outside.

Hey look, roof trusses, lean-to style.

A little radiant barrier for the exterior walls.

Some window flashing.

Porch overhang!

Roof time.

BAM. Wires (she says “BAM” a lot).

Here’s some plumbing too.

Fully roofed.

Macy took a tumble and broke her foot and back in two places (“BAM”?). Just a little work place safety PSA.

Back to work, painting the trim.

It wouldn’t be much of a roof without insulation.

And then rock some sheet rock to hide all the insulation.

Here’s the welded frame for her loft stairs.

Shower, complete with rock flooring.

It’s tile time (hooray!).

Almost done tiling.

And now some exterior siding, made from recycled pallets.

Which looks pretty awesome when finished and stained.

This tiny house is MOBILE! (Bane voice, anyone?)

Here’s a look from the finished kitchen.

That’s a comfy and cozy looking bedroom area.

Not sure how else to describe that door color other than “spunky,” which is awesome.

A view from the other end.

Tiny House living area, complete with resident!

How awesome is Macy Miller’s tiny house? As of December, 2013, she has been living in it for six months, just over two years since implementing her project. All told, her tiny house cost $11,416.16, according to her budget.

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