Meat Recall In 2013 Is For Rat Droppings, Other USDA Violations

The meat recall affecting various companies was apparently for rat droppings and other USDA violations.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a new Federal meat label will tell consumers where their meat was raised and slaughtered. And if that doesn’t exactly help your appetite, then you don’t want to read about the cannibal sandwiches.

The Windsor meat recall effects any product with the establishment number “Est. 20309” inside the USDA Mark Of Inspection, which includes Corner Post Meats’ brand of hams and bacon, “Old Style Sausage” brand smoked andouille sausage, and “Old Style Sausage” brand smoked Kielbasa sausage.

There’s no standard package size, but they are all in retail packages and were produced between April 1, 2013 and December 5, 2013. So far the meat recall is only affecting the states of Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico, and Wyoming.

The reason the USDA Food Safety Inspection Service issued the meat recall was because they discovered unsanitary conditions such as rodent droppings and other issues. Here is the list of all effected brand names:

  • Four Sisters Farm.
  • Heart Rock Bison.
  • High Point Bison.
  • Luc’s Pizza.
  • Mountain States Poultry & Meats.
  • Open A Bar 2.
  • Rocky Plains Quality Meats.
  • Schmidt’s Bakery & Deli.
  • Wag’s Livestock.
  • Wayne’s Specialty Meats.
  • Windsor Dairy.
  • Wyoming Pure Beef.
  • Yauk’s Specialty Meats.
  • “Colorado’s Best Beef” brand various fresh, smoked and shelf-stable meat products.
  • “James Ranch” brand jerky and summer sausage.
  • “Rocky Plains Meats” brand hams, bacon, raw and smoked sausage, jerky and raw poultry.
  • “Long Family Farms” brand smoked pork products (product description has been corrected in this expansion).
  • “Horned Beef” brand jerky.
  • “Mile High Hungarian Sausage” brand fresh and smoked bacon and sausage.

The only good news is that no sickness has ever been tied to the meat recall… yet. But since the investigation is still ongoing, it’s possible there could be more locations affected by the 2013 meat recall.

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