Found the best iPhone app ever? Zwapp your friends with it.

Smartphone app discovery is a difficult, and often time consuming, past time that everyone with a smartphone engages in. What with the constant influx of new apps that arrive daily mixed in with the older apps as well as the.. well.. garbage apps it can be hard to find just that perfect app you were looking for.

Well for iPhone users there is some salvation out there in the form of Zwapp.

Recently launched Zwapp aims to make it easier for you to find the apps you want by interacting with your friends that you create an app community by selecting them from your Facebook and Twitter friend lists. From that live feed you get to see what your friends are downloading and installing on their iPhones (Android coming soon) and have discussions around those apps as well.

Additionally Zwapp detects the apps you already have installed and adds them to your Zwapp profile which you can then share with the wider web.

As Alexander van Elsas describes Zwapp:

“We wanted to make the app discovery process more engaging. Instead oflooking through long lists of popular apps in the store, you can now discover apps with yourfriends. Even better, when you look up an app, you can see what friends are using it and whatthey think about it, instead of reading comments or reviews from people you do not know”.

Now just a bit of a disclaimer. I have known the CEO of Zwapp, Alexander van Elsas, for a number of years and consider him a good friend but writing this post was a little difficult since I am not an iPhone user so I can’t give a full accounting of what I think is a great idea. However it has been whispered that along with an upcoming Android release of Zwapp there is a possibility of one being released for Windows Phone 7. When that happens I will definitely be revisiting this interest concept of sharing and find good smartphone apps.

That said if you are an iPhone user and what to check Zwapp out you can find it on iTunes.

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