‘Christmas Jammies’ Festive Rap Video Turns Holderness Family Into A Viral Hit [Video]

The Holderness family from Raleigh, North Carolina have created their own festive rap video to celebrate the holiday season, and it has become a viral sensation.

Deciding against the usual paper card effort, the family called their video, “#XMAS JAMMIES – Merry Christmas from the Holderness Family.” The video has already amassed over 700,000 views on YouTube.

In the song, which sees the family of four each sporting rather spiffy festive pajamas, dad, Penn, his wife, Kim, and their two children, Lola and Penn Charles, who are aged six and four respectively, update their friends and family with their “annual newsletter.”

Seemingly bored with a normal Christmas card, the entire family rap along to Will Smith’s 1998 hit, “Miami,” changing the lyrics to match their own achievements for the year.

So, what’s new in the world of the Holderness family? Well, six-year-old Lola is already a sterling young athlete as she competed in and won her very first triathlon this year while Penn Charles perfected his burgeoning musical skills by taking part in a hip-hop class.

Kim then took the limelight to discuss her job, which sees her interview dozens of celebrities, as well as her small role in Iron Man 3, where she uttered a single line of dialogue to Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark.

She also joined her daughter by taking part in her own triathlon. Unfortunately, she didn’t manage to match Lola’s success, only finishing sixth, and to add insult to injury, she was also smacked in the face as she crossed the start line.

Discussing the video, Kim told ABCNews.com, “I think it’s a pretty honest look and a pretty ridiculous look into the craziness of a modern family.”

She also explained that the Holderness family don’t take themselves “too seriously,” before continuing, “We’re acting like fools and I’m guessing people like to see other people making fools of themselves.”

But the biggest revelations were saved for Penn. The father of two confirms that he has had a vasectomy, which means that Lola and Penn Charles won’t be getting a new sibling any time soon.

Kim adds that Penn is also quitting his job as WNCN’s news anchor next month, before remarking, “It’s the biggest decision of his life, he’s going to quit his job and come work with his wife.”

Kim and Penn also use this opportunity to promote their new video-making business, called The Greenroom, which you can examine at vistthegreenroom.com.

Did you like the Holderness family’s Christmas jammies song? You can check it out above!

[Image via YouTube]

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