2010 NFL draft one year later: Chicago Bears

I tend to evaluate each draft class based on the players selected in that draft. Since the Chicago Bears traded their 2010 first round pick to complete the Jay Cutler deal we have to consider that when looking at what the Bears did a year ago. Overall I think the players they actually selected were pretty lackluster. This team has traded away a lot of picks over the last few years and that has really hurt them on draft day. They had a good run in 2010, but at some point they need a full complement of draft picks to add young talent to this team.

A quick look at the 2010 Bears draft class:

  • Round Two- DB Major Wright
  • Round Four- DE Corey Wootton
  • Round Five- DB Joshua Moore
  • Round Six- QB Dan Lefevour
  • Round Seven- OT J’Marcus Webb

So Wright was a reserve safety and racked up 26 tackles and was able to pressure that QB once. Wootten had just six tackles, but he did have the sack that ended Bret Favre’s career. Moore played in three mid season games. Lefevour was cut in training camp. Webb started 12 games at RT.

So if your 7th round pick is your best pick you have problems. On top of that with no first round pick this team did not have a chance to add an impact player. Sure they got Cutler, but I still do not believe in him that much. For how this season turned out I think the loss of Lefevour was significant, but overall this was a way under average draft class.

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