Joseph Gordon-Levitt Finally Gets His Own Superhero Film

Since Joseph Gordon-Levitt nabbed the coveted role of Robin in the last installment of The Dark Knight trilogy, everyone has been pegging Gordon-Levitt to a new superhero project, whether it was the rebooted Batman for Warner Bros., Justice League, or The Guardian of The Galaxy, it was obvious that people needed Joseph Gordon-Levitt to play a superhero.

Now we finally have confirmation that Joseph Gordon-Levitt will play a superhero, but it’s nothing like one would expect. Playing to his strengths as an actor and a new director. Gordon-Levitt is set to head up and star in the graphic novel adaptation of Sandman.

According to Deadline, which was later confirmed by Gordon-Levitt, the Don Jon star is set to direct, produce, and star in the Neil Gaiman saga. The adaptation is being worked on by David Goyer with Warner Bros. The deal Gordon-Levitt closed attaches the actor as the main protagonist in the story. For Gordon-Levitt, who directed Don Jon to favorable reviews out of Sundance, this is sure to be a huge feat to conquer story wise and budget wise, but definitely something in his wheelhouse.

The graphic novel is a story spanning through numerous volumes, that covers the genres of fantasy and horror as it follows the central character Morpheus through a dreamscape. Morpheus is captured for 70 years, but later escapes and sets out to rebuild all that he lost, including his kingdom. One of Morpheus’ great challenges is to adapt to the world he returns to.

Earlier Joseph Gordon-Levitt confirmed the news to his 2.2. million Facebook fans with the following announcement:

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m incredibly honored to be working with David Goyer, Warner Bros, and Neil Gaiman on SANDMAN. ?#?Prelude?.”

This isn’t the only collaboration between Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Warner Bros. The Looper actor was in ensemble casts in The Dark Knight Rises and Inception.

Coming off of the promotional high for Don Jon, Gordon-Levitt will be seen in Sin City: A Dame To Kill For. Currently Joseph Gordon-Levitt is curating his own television show on Pivot for his open collaborative media site hitRECord.

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