2010 NFL Draf one year later: New Orleans Saints

A year ago the New Orleans Saints were coming off a Super Bowl win, and that afforded them the opportunity to draft a few projects. Since they were a pretty good football team, they had the luxury of selecting guys even in the first round who would not start from day one. Granted they haven’t gotten much out of their 2010 draft class and that may have led to a stunning first round playoff loss to the Seattle Seahawks. Maybe they should have gone out and gotten at least one impact player.

With that being said here is a quick look at the 2010 Saints draft class:

  • Round One- CB Patrick Robinson
  • Round Two- OT Charles Brown
  • Round Three- TE Jimmy Graham
  • Round Four- DT Al Woods
  • Round Five- C Matt Tennant
  • Round Seven- QB Sean Canfield

So we all think Robinson will be a starter one day, but in 2010 injuries kept him out of action three different times. Brown was a healthy inactive as the starting tackles did not miss a game. I called Graham a raw talent a year ago, and this former hoops player broke out with 31 catches for 356 yards. Woods was cut in pre season and ended up playing nine games for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tennant saw special team action in every game, and Canfield was signed to the practice squad.

For me, considering the Saints had needs in their front seven, the loss of Woods is huge. I see one starter, a nice young TE, and some depth picks and by all standards that is a below average draft class. Granted the Saints still went 11-5 but at some point below average draft classes catch up to a team.

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