Bindi Irwin Boyfriend: Is 15 Too Young To Be Dating?

Bindi Irwin, the daughter of the late croc hunter Steve Irwin, apparently has her first boyfriend, Bailey “Bazz” Lancaster.

The precise nature of their relationship hasn’t been confirmed as yet, but according to numerous Instagram posts it appears to be a foregone conclusion.

Bindi and Bazz have been friends for at least three months, if not longer. Suspicions that they were dating were sparked when Bindi Irwin posted a pic of her, Bazz, a friend and a wombat with the caption:

“Two of the most wonderful people I know and amazing friends. @AustraliaZoo cuddling our wombat!” On the comments section of that post Bazz posted:”Bazz here. Thanks for friendzoning me. Love you too hahahahaha.”

To that comment he got the flirty response: “Bazz. You are in my very, very close friend zone. @bazzlancaster.”

The happy young couple have also posted a number of Instagram pics of themselves at close quarters. Recently Bindi posted a pic of herself, Bazz, a friend and a tiger cub with the caption: “Three of my best friends. One just happens to be a tiger.”

The fact that they are dating is no secret, and Bazz even staked his claim to Bindi Irwin by adding a comment to an Instagram pic she posted. He wrote: “Mine. Back off boys. Getting pretty jelly” (jealous).

That’s not surprising seeing as Bindi has more than 46,000 Instagram followers! Either way, when Bazz was asked if he and Bindi were dating he replied: “You betcha buddy. Dating it up date style.”

The couple have now toned down their regular posts on social media, and even removed a few images and captions in order to preserve at least some privacy.

It all of course begs the question of whether it is appropriate for a 15 year old girl to be dating a boy, especially as Bindi Irwin is, by law, considered to be a minor.

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