Melissa Joan Hart Details Wild Times At The Playboy Mansion

Melissa Joan Hart may have played a family friendly character on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, but offscreen the actress spent her 20s experimenting with hard drugs and partying at the Playboy Mansion.

The actress has spoken about her wild past, and this week will go into more detail on the upcoming Oprah: Where Are They Now? special.

In the interview, Melissa Joan Hart admitted to a wild phase that included partying and drug use.

“I did Sabrina from [ages] 20 to 27,” Hart says. “And yeah, at the beginning, it was my first time really hanging out in L.A., and starting to make my own money, bought my own house, starting to go out and party and do all this crazy fun stuff — and just really enjoying my life as an adult for the first time.”

During that time Melissa also appeared in a photo spread for Maxim magazine, but said she had a wild night before going to the all-day shoot.

“I’d gone to the Playboy Mansion the night before and had a little too much fun, explored a little too much of that Playboy Mansion,” Hart says.

Melissa Joan Hart has already spilled details about that wild night, saying she used ecstasy at the party and made out with a girl during the limo ride home.

“And so the next morning I rolled up to the Maxim photo shoot and I was pretty hungover and coming down,” she said. “And here I was, having a full day of… hair extensions and bikinis, and I was not prepared for it — so that was probably the least professional I’ve ever been in my career.”

Melissa said she eventually saw the effect partying was having on her life, and ended her drug experiment phase.

“I was kind of running with a bad crowd. I just didn’t enjoy taking drugs. I don’t like the loss of control”, she added.

Melissa Joan Hart can be seen in the Oprah special, which airs Sunday on OWN.

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