Beyonce Slays All Contenders, New Album Projected To Top 600K Sales This Week

They don’t call Beyonce ‘Queen Bey’ for nothing! In less than 24 hours, the ‘Bow Down’ singer has decimated all contenders with her unexpected new album that bares her namesake. From 9:00 p.m. ET to a little after midnight on Thursday, the album had already received highly laudable reviews garnering an impressive 80,000 units sold.

According to Time Magazine, as of Saturday, the 14-track “visual album” has sold more than an estimated 430,000 copies in just over a day, following its surprise release on Thursday. T

he album, which is exclusively available on iTunes, is already projected to edge more than 600,000 copies by the close of the week. Billboard also reports that the album is predicted to skyrocket to the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Top 100. Tuesday will definitely tell a story. But, that’s not the only impressive factor of all.

While most would consider a week to be seven days, it works a bit different in this case as music sales records are calculated on Tuesdays. Therefore, the album’s sales projection will be based off of only five days as opposed to a full week.

The most impressive aspect of the entire release is the lack of promotion, and the unusual release day, which in turn actually worked in Beyonce’s favor. The impromptu release caused the media firestorm that pushed the album’s release over the top.

If Beyonce’ racks up the projected 600,000 units, her release will be classified as the ‘biggest debut album by a female’ since the 2012 release of Taylor Swift’s Red album, which sold a staggering 1.2 million units in almost two weeks. The astounding feat would also be a career-high for the ‘Irreplaceable’ singer. Beyonce’s initial career-high debut came with the release of her album BDay, which garnered first-week sales of more than 541,000 in Sept. 2006.

The album is currently on sale by digital download for $15.99 on iTunes. No further details have been announced for CD release dates where the album can be purchased from domestic retailers. No announcement has been made whether the album will be distributed through any digital download outlets. But, one thing is definitely certain. Beyonce meant business when she said, “bow down”.

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