Britney Spears’ ‘Perfume’ Video Cut Prior To Release, Director Wants Footage Reinstated

The music video for the latest Britney Spears single “Perfume” was reportedly censored by the record company prior to the clip’s launch. Now the man responsible for bringing the video to life is demanding the release of a director’s cut.

Before the clip for “Perfume” was officially unveiled to the public, bosses at the record label decided to excise some controversial footage that reportedly involved guns. “Perfume” mastermind Joseph Kahn is understandably upset by that decision and wants the company to put together a director’s cut of the clip.

According to E! Online, Kahn is reportedly very proud of the work he put into the original “Perfume” music video. Since he feels that Britney Spears’ performance in the clip is nothing short of “unbelievable,” he believes that fans of the singer have every right to see the video the way he intended.

“Wish they’d release the director’s cut of ‘Perfume.’ Britney’s performance is unbelievable. A true artist in it. Game changer. Official cut is a good video as you’ll soon see. But it’s a true loss not to see what she really did. It’s incredible. Beyond other artists,” the director wrote on Twitter.

He added, “But to be very honest, Some people would prefer the official version. It’s prettier. Simpler. I like it. But I love the DC so much more.”

Kahn also urged Britney Spears’ legion of fans and followers to help out with the campaign for the director’s cut. If the record label knows that everyone wants to see the original version of “Perfume”, then they might release that version to the masses.

WENN reports “Perfume” co-star Alexander Kjellevik also believes that Spears’ fans would enjoy the alternate version of the music video. According to the actor, there’s a bit more going on in the story that folks didn’t get a chance to see.

“There was a little bit more story. It’s like a love story triangle. There’s a whole story behind it and it’s a shame you don’t get to see the whole reason behind everything,” he said.

To convince the record label that there’s definitely an audience for the director’s cut of “Perfume,” fans got together and started a petition for its release. In their humble opinion, Kahn’s original version of the clip could help boost sales of her album Britney Jean.

The petition reads:

“RCA pulled the first original cut of Britney Spears’ latest video ‘Perfume’ and opted for a more simple, watered-down cut of the piece. Fans of the artist urge RCA to release what is now being referred to as the ‘Director’s Cut’ with a more bold ending, and various unknown differences. Director Joseph Kahn is in favor of this, as well as every living Britney Fan. We would appreciate the release of the director’s cut sometime in the near future.”

Do you want to see the original version of the video for Britney Spears’ “Perfume”?

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