Chief Keef Making Progress In Rehab, Spends A Lot Of Time On Twitter

Rapper Chief Keef is reportedly making some progress during his stay in rehab, though he’s developed quite an addiction to social media in the process. However, Judge Earl Hoffenberg is clearly a little irritated by the amount of time he’s had to spend on this particular case.

Chief Keef, whose real named is Keith Cozart, landed in trouble when he was originally busted for speeding on the Edens Expressway last summer. A string of failed drug tests dipped him deeper into hot water, resulting in a 90-day stay in a rehabilitation center in California. His record label is reportedly footing the bill.

According to The Chicago Tribune, Chief Keef is almost a third of the through his treatment program at the facility. Although his lawyers insist the rapper is making progress during his stay, Judge Earl Hoffenberg said during a hearing on Thursday that he wouldn’t hesitate to toss Keef back into the slammer if he failed another drug test.

“I’ve had murderers who haven’t had so much time before this court. It’s getting ridiculous. I’m very happy he’s doing well, but if he comes back dirty, I’m done. This is it,” Judge Hoffenberg explained.

The folks over at TMZ report that Chief Keef has a penchant for smoking more than his fair share of weed. His stint at the rehab center in California will keep the rapper away from his hometown over the Christmas holiday. However, attorney Leah Starkman said some of his relatives are heading to the West Coast to visit Keef later this month.

His lawyers also told the celebrity gossip site that Chief Keef was recently moved from Promises Addiction Treatment Center in Malibu to an undisclosed location due to the overwhelming amount of media attention he was receiving there. He still reportedly has 60 days left to go on court-ordered stay.

Although Chief Keef is reportedly hard at work trying to beat his addition to marijuana, the folks at AllHipHop point out that the rapper has spent an incredible amount of time posting things to Instagram and Twitter. Apparently Keef isn’t nearly as cut off from the world as Lindsay Lohan was during her treatment.

Check out some of the rapper’s recent tweets below. If you like what you see, then there are literally dozens more where these came from.

Are you fan of Chief Keef? Have you followed the rapper’s numerous posts on Twitter?

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