2010 NFL Draft one year later: Indianapolis Colts

A year ago I waned everyone that Bill Polian is right more often then he is wrong. I openly question his drafting of LB Pat Angerer in the second round. Even though I once called him a clone of Gary Bracket I thought the Colts had reached way down for him. He had a sixth round grade, and now a year later Polian gets to laugh at us once again by making us fools once more.

Before we go any further a quick look at the 2010 Colts draft class:

  • Round One- DE Jerry Hughes
  • Round Two- LB Pat Angerer
  • Round Three- DB Kevin Thomas
  • Round Four- G Jacques McClendon
  • Round Five- TE Brody Eldridge
  • Round Seven- DE Ricardo Mathews
  • Round Seven- LB Kavell Conner
  • Round Seven- DB Ray Fisher

So Hughes had an underwhelming year, which will drag down their year one grade, by only racking up six tackles and playing on special teams. Angerer took over for Brackett and had 88 tackles. Thomas tore a ACL in mimi camp. McClendon was converted into a TE but was a game day inactive. Eldridge served as the defacto sixth down lineman on running plays. Mathews had one tackle. Conner replaced Clint Sessions and made 57 tackles and forced a fumble. Fisher was cut in training camp.

I think overall this was a pretty poor class, but I still see a lot of upside. If Hughes can get after it he has a bright future. Angerer and Conner played well when called upon, and we are still sorting through a few injuries. Right now in my mind is ranks a little below average for the league a way below average for the Colts, but things change.

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