OMG! I so want Rage – right now! [Trailer]

I love first person shooter games, oh hell I like most games even though I generally suck at them but my favorite has to be a good ol’ FPS and right now my top FPS game to play has to be Borderland.

However, after seeing this new trailer for id’s Rage game that is due out in the fall I can definitely see it becoming my top favorite.

John Cormack the genius behind id has created a mind-blowing game engine for this still to be released title but it is definitely an engine that can give the Crysis CryEngine a real run for its money when it comes to realism.

The new video runs pretty fast but in the five minutes of blood and gore you get a good feel for what you can expect from the game.

Plus I want that crossbow and definitely want one of those spider buddy things.

via VentureBeat

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