Chris Brown Still In Rehab, But The Rumors Keep Rolling Along

Chris Brown is in the middle of a 90-day stint in rehab. However, this isn’t stopping the rumor mill from chugging right along.

If you love reading gossip about the rapper, then you’re definitely in luck this weekend. For some odd reason, there’s an unusual number of unsubstantiated reports about Brown, Rihanna, and Karrueche Tran making the rounds online. Is any of this stuff true? That really depend on who you ask at the moment.

Let’s begin with Chris Brown and his relationship with model Karrueche Tran. According to the folks over at ThyBlackMan, Tran is currently pregnant with the rapper’s baby. In addition to stating that Brown recently checked out of rehab, the website also claimed the model shared pife of her “baby bump” on Instagram. However, no such images exist.

Tran’s alleged pregnancy follows reports that Chris Brown and Rihanna are getting back together. However, Entertainmentwise recently explained that Brown prevented his ex-girlfriend from visiting him during his stay in rehab. It’s really no wonder the guy’s fans don’t know what to believe at the moment.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Tran and Brown have faced pregnancy rumors. Reports surfaced last year that the model was having the rapper’s baby, though these rumors were eventually shot down. In other words, you probably shouldn’t put too much stock into these recent reports.

Need more Chris Brown rumors to keep you going through the weekend? An anonymous source recently told Hollywood Life that the rapper wants to mend the relationship with his mother. However, this is a little difficult since “he’s still a kid and his mother knows that.”

“One day they’re cool, the next minute they’re not. He knows Mama J wants nothing but the best for him but sometimes he doesn’t see it that way,” the insider dished.

The source added, “So when his mom tries to talk to him seriously and put him up on some real s*** about life, he doesn’t hear it half the time.”

Yet another insider told the website that Chris Brown is presently hard at work on a new batch of songs. Since he’s spending a lot of time facing his demons in rehab, he’s reportedly channeling all of that energy into a collection of new tunes.

“He’s being creative and busting rhymes and spitting flows. He’s focusing real hard on coming up with the next big hit. He’ll be in the zone, for hours, free styling and if he comes with something real hard he seriously writes that s*** down,” the source said.

There you have it, folks — more Chris Brown gossip than anyone really needs. Do you believe any of the stuff that’s currently floating around about the troubled rapper?

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