The mess that is the Los Angeles Dodgers

I don’t think Frank McCourt is a very popular guy in the city of Los Angeles or amongst baseball fans in general. However, the mess his time as Dodger owner has caused is very significant. He simply cannot blame is pending divorce for the whole mess, because now it seems this team was headed for trouble with or without the nasty divorce proceedings. Now comes news that the Dodgers may not be able to make payroll. A shocking fall from grace for one of the most important MLB franchises.

The Dodgers were the first teams to move west. Note I did not say baseball teams, I said sports teams. It is from their daring move that we have sports in the west at all. They proved it could be done, and beyond the New York Yankees they are the most important baseball franchises in the history of the game.

What this looks like he first a guy who should have never been approved to be a MLB owner in the first place. More importantly a guy that got himself into too much debt and the debt is going to take his baseball team away from him. The MLB has already stepped him to disallow McCourt from leveraging himself further with a loan for Fox broadcasting, but now they should really do the right thing here and rip this team away from current ownership and sell it to someone who will respect the Dodgers franchise. He is likely already in violation of many MLB ownership rules, and once he fails to make payroll they will have all the justification they need to do just that.

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