Justin Bieber Makes Skateboard Fall A Teachable Moment [Video]

Justin Bieber knows the key to becoming a skateboard master is an ability to take the thrills and spills as they come.

With that in mind, the 19-year-old enthusiast posted an Instagram video of himself earlier taking a fall as he went through his moves at Skatelab’s indoor skate park in Simi Valley, Calif.

The clip shows Justin deep in concentration as he possibly contemplates making an epic jump and turn on his skateboard before taking off.

With a small back kick, the beanie hat-clad teen coasted off effortlessly — until he reached a wall.

We’re not sure what kind of jump Bieber was going for. But, basically, he didn’t make it.

Within seconds of lift-off, the “All That Matters” star was laid out on the surface.

But the really cool part was how the superstar trier dealt with what looked like a pretty nasty fall.

Instead of cursing or looking around to see if anyone saw, Bieber was smiling like a trooper before he’d even stopped tumbling.

The Canadian stayed down and looked as if he found the whole falling-on-his-a** thing hilarious.

At that point, the footage ended; but we’re 100 percent sure the Biebs picked himself off and went in for another skateboard run.

Putting that positivity into his video caption for the benefit of his impressionable Belieber fan base, the singer made his message a teachable moment, writing,

“Always get up when u get knocked down.”

Meanwhile, in other Bieber news, a claim that he called a random girl a “beached whale” during his now wrapped Believe world tour stay at an Australian hotel has been revealed as baseless.

In addition to Gossip Cop’s report that multiple witnesses said the outlandish exchange never took place, and IQ’s expose of deal-breaker holes in the two so-called witnesses’ accounts, Hollyscoop reported the claim circumstantially originated with an angry, female fan.

From Hollyscoop:

“A source from Justin’s camp told [the outlet] exclusively that Justin never made those comments and a separate source at the hotel pool where the verbal smack down supposedly went down told us a different story entirely.”

“An eyewitness at the pool said there was a fan who was trying to get into Justin’s ‘VIP’ pool area, where he was hanging with his entourage. The girl tried to get close to Bieber, but his bodyguards turned the girl away.”

“Other than this dissed fan, the eyewitness told us Bieber stuck to his entourage and didn’t really interact with anyone aside from a blonde girl he was photographed quasi-flirting with.”

Take a look at the video below of Justin hanging with former professional skateboarder and video game creator Tony Hawk as the pair exchange skater do’s and don’ts.

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