Lady Gaga, Katy Perry React To Beyonce’s Surprise Album

Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and a handful of other pop stars reacted to the unexpected arrival of Beyonce’s new album. Not surprisingly, everyone loves the new batch of tunes.

Although reports originally suggested the singer’s new album would drop next year, Beyonce surprised everyone by releasing her “visual album” at 12 am EST Friday morning. In addition to giving fans several new tracks, they also received quite a few new music videos. In short: Christmas came early to a lot of people.

Since the album was a surprise to just about everyone on the planet, a number of pop stars decided to weigh in on the tracks. Included in the bunch are Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Beyonce’s sister, Solange. Judging from the comments, everyone seems to adore the songs.

“Good Morning! Photoshoot and rehearsal, why aren’t there more hours in the day? And welcome back Honey B. We missed you,” Lady Gaga tweeted.

Perry also issued a tweet following the release of Beyonce’s new album. According to the “Roar” singer, you shouldn’t bother her about anything unless you want to discuss the latest songs.

“B done broke the internet,” she added.

Lady Gaga and her ilk aren’t the only people who are in love with the new album. According to Buzzfeed, Beyonce’s 14-track release reportedly sold 80,000 copies in three hours. In other words, expect the album to top the charts on the Billboard 200 next week. Because that a lot of copies.

So just how secret was the new album? Apparently, only a handful of folks over at Sony Records knew that Beyonce was preparing to release another batch of songs on iTunes. Since it’s difficult to keep new tunes from leaking onto the internet ahead of the official release date, Beyonce must have put her trust in the right people.

Now that you know what Lady Gaga and Katy Perry think about Beyonce’s unexpected album and videos, take a look at some Twitter reactions below. A lot of people are still struggling to deal with the surprise.

Are you surprised that folks like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry are freaking out about Beyonce’s new album? Did you purchase a copy of the new songs?

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