White Castle announces online ordering

If being parked in front of the internet for most of your waking hours isn’t a fast enough route to total unhealthiness, White Castle has added online ordering for all locations.

Okay, so you still have to climb up the stairs and leave your mom’s basement to go obtain your bag of sliders, but the existence of online ordering for White Castle will undoubtedly boost sales and ultimately consumption of the irresistible little boxes of grease. Is anyone else getting hungry?

In a press release, White Castle corporate relations VP Jamie Richardson explains the impetus behind the move toward the new ordering protocol:

“Slider nirvana” is just a click away for White Castle’s die-hard Cravers because orders are now ready when they are. The service is especially beneficial for those with large orders.

Richardson added that more people prefer to order their food online. “It’s a matter of accessibility,” he said. “Our customers are on the go and they need their Crave satiated quickly.”

Feel like a tiny, moist, onion-laden burger or four? You can place an online White Castle order here. While the service doesn’t eliminate the trip to pick up food, I have to admit the process of online ordering- easily stipulating “no this” and “add this”- and cutting lines always wins out for me ahead of having to wait in queue with the plebes. Do you foresee using a service like this? Does online ordering functionality on the web or your smartphone ever influence your choice of restaurant?

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