Justin Bieber Reportedly Eyed In Interpol Arrest [Video]

Justin Bieber could be arrested by Interpol?

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According to a new report, the 19-year-old’s magical mystery Believe world tour may be over, but the ghosts of paparazzi past are rattling their chains.

Lawyers for Argentine photographer, Diego Pesoa, have reportedly requested Interpol apprehend the star over assault allegations made against Bieber’s security team, Mexican daily El Universal reports.

On November 9, Pesoa, a house photographer for Buenos Aires Ink nightclub snapped Bieber as he left the club early Saturday morning for a waiting van reportedly full of girls.

Video filmed by FarandulaShow.com appeared to show the singer’s guards beating up the photog before chasing him across a street, apparently knocking him to the ground and kicking him.

At the time, Agence France-Press reported Pesoa’ lawyer, Matias Morla, alleged Bieber “gave the order to beat him and then got back in his van.”

Pesoa has since filed a lawsuit claiming assault and damage to his camera.

The owner of Ink also accused Bieber of leaving without paying his bill.

The Huffington Post reports alleged robbery is included in Pesoa’s lawsuit.

If Interpol accept the request it’s reported Justin could be arrested while traveling abroad.

As a result of the filed lawsuit, Bieber’s concert gear was seized in November.

AFP reported a customs officer, speaking on condition of anonymity, who said,

“Customs impounded for 30 days all Bieber’s goods at the Ezeiza International Aiport: audio equipment, sound, lights and the clothes he used in his show.”

The source added, “It is the first time Argentine customs has impounded belongings of a foreign artist.”

Bieber’s South and Central America transit during his Believe world tour was marked by a string of incendiary incidents.

In Bogota, Colombia, the pop star was given police protection to graffiti a street wall with members of his crew, while nationals in the country face death or censure for doing the same.

Since Bieber’s visit, Colombia is in the process of reviewing its draconian stance on graffiti.

During his follow-on Brazil tour stop, Bieber was photographed leaving a Rio de Janeiro brothel on November 1, despite his bodyguards’ attempt to cover him with a sheet.

Sources close to the star said he was unaware the venue was brothel and thought it was a private members’ club.

The singer left the stage of his (November 2) Sao Paulo show one song early after he was hit with a water bottle.

On November 8, Justin was charged by Rio police authorities with “defacing” the wall of a disused hotel with graffiti and faces a still-to-be-determined fine over the minor offence.

Video footage of the singer sleeping on a day bed in a rented Brazil villa while a woman filmed him on her phone subsequently surfaced.

It was later reported that the woman, a Brazilian named Tati Neves, has appeared in a porn film.

Neves went on to claim in interviews that she had sex with Bieber.

That claim was denied by sources close to the singer who said they have no idea how she got into the singer’s room.

While in Argentina, Bieber was accused of disrespecting the national flag after two emblems were thrown onto the stage during his first Buenos Aires show on November 9.

The singer removed the items with his feet and the base of his microphone stand.

In the wake of Argentine outrage, Justin apologized on Twitter explaining that he thought the items on stage were shirts and had removed them for safety.

He added that he hadn’t intended to cause any offence or disrespect his fans or Argentina.

An Argentine lawyer has since filed a criminal complaint accusing the star of defiling the country’s national symbol.

If tried and convicted, Justin could face up to four years in prison, The Associated Press reports.

On November 10, he pulled out of his second Buenos Aires show due to food poisoning.

Before arriving at the show Bieber posted an Instagram of himself receiving intravenous fluids and told fans he had the condition but was going to attempt to perform.

Around an hour into the concert, Bieber left the stage and returned to personally apologize to the audience to say he couldn’t continue.

The singer’s security detail have featured in a number of alleged assaults during the now wrapped Believe tour, many of which are now pending lawsuits.

It’s worth noting that legal cases where monetary damages are sought, complainants often assert the party with the greatest assets is liable.

For his part, Bieber has not addressed the Interpol story on his social media accounts.

However, he did post a message on Twitter earlier on Friday which linked to an Instagram video showing him falling off his board. It was captioned, “Always get up when u get knocked down (sic).”

We will keep you updated on the Interpol story as it develops.

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